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I was born in Brazil and have always been curious about cultures, traditions and inner and outer landscapes. I crave for authentic connection and a deep understanding of the mysteries of mind-heart connection and human relations. I am here to love and serve, am fiercely compassionate and can laugh easily. 


In the late 90’s I moved out of Brazil and the world became my school. While living in London I discovered Yoga and soon after I moved to India, to learn more about this sophisticated system straight from the source. During my 2-year stay in Asia, I was a resident at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu and Tushita Meditation and Dharma Centre in Dharamasala in India, where besides studying the curriculum, I taught yoga. I undertook various trainings with teachers like The Chanchani’s and Usha Devi; Tenzin Palmo and Ven. Robina Courtin and others.


In California I did a 2-year Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with the internationally recognised teacher Katchie Ananda. I volunteered and attended retreats and classes at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre and had the honour to receive teachings from true masters like Jack Kornfield, Philip Moffit, Sharon Salzberg, Spring Washan and others. These teachers play a key role in the current popularisation of meditation across the globe, through a skilful and faithful translation of ancient teachings into our modern context.


Back in Brazil I became a Resident Teacher in a spiritual community and school of human development, called Nazare Uniluz. Got a postgraduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology and also coordinated the Residential Retreat Program.


For the last six years I have worked as a teacher and facilitator at the Temple of the Way of Light, in the Peruvian Amazon. The Temple combines Indigenous Shipibo practices and wisdom, with different Western and Eastern approaches to healing. When the profound surgical quality of an Ayahuasca journey is combined with powerful tools and practices such as Yoga, Mindfulness and self inquiry, it supports further the integration of this new wisdom into our lives.


I have delved deeper into this relationship with the Plant Spirits and their wisdom, also through Dieting different Master Plants with the Lopez Sanchez’ family at Niwe Rao Xobo, and Shipibo Rao in Pucallpa. It is a beautiful and powerful family of Shipibo Healers or Unayas. Maestra Ynes Sanchez is a wise and compassionate elder and one of the oldest female Shipibo Healers, with over 55 years experience working with the Plants. It is a real blessing to be able to go deeper into the mystery and power of the Plant Spirits with such safe guidance and in a traditional setting. I am an apprentice and also a facilitator at their center in the Peruvian Amazon. They are not just healers but also the keepers of ancient knowledge, and important agents of change of my own world and the world at large. Immense gratitude!  

Plant medicine as well as yoga and meditation have the power to remind us of who we are and what is most important in life, taking us out of our spiritual sleepiness. Through all these years working with these ancient traditions I now find myself as a space holder, having witnessed and supported hundreds of people through their healing journeys.


My goal is to empower people to feel safe in their bodies, integrate trauma and all different parts of our human experience, so people can have clarity on their path and purpose in life.

Juliana Bizare

a path with heart
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