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plant medicine preparation & integration

Plant Medicine is becoming more and more accessible to many of us, as many researches show how efficient they can be on many different levels of our complex humanity. It can invoke more awareness of our deepest seated traumas and fears,; release energy blockages and offer insight into our true nature and mission in life. Although working with the Plants can be a very profound experience, with surgical quality and life changing potential, it can leave us feeling too sensitive, confused and incomplete. So the process of integrating all of it into our lives is as important, if not more important than the experience itself. 

I have myself experienced immense healing from working with the plants, together with other sources of traditional wisdom like meditation and yoga and the facilitation of skillful teachers. This is a kind of work we cannot do alone. Having someone who has walked this path before you and is able to support you on integrating the larger context you already find yourself in, with the new insights you get through working with the plants, is paramount. 


I have worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds, and especially I have worked on myself. So I would be very happy to share this first hand wisdom and insights with you on this beautiful and long path of becoming whole! 

Juliana Bizare

a path with heart
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