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Juliana’s presence for me as a medicine woman and facilitator in ceremony was supportive and comforting, and empowering. Her deep intuitive seeing and trust in the divine and the allies is palpable and is a gift for all who receive!

Juliana’s deep listening and insights allow for healing exchange and flow of infinite loving presence. This is the greatest gift to  embodying wholeness.

Chris Potero, Ceremonialist, Therapist, Artist, Healer, Teacher and Presenter, the USA

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I know Juliana from a 2 week long retreat. I looked forward to everything that she lead. Whether it was a yoga session or a meditation, her honesty and wisdom shown through. She is my favorite yoga instructor that I have ever worked with. Her humble, yet knowledgeable methods helped me to find deeper centers of being within myself. I cannot say enough good things about Juliana, highly recommended for anything she could possibly offer!

Ryan Beckwith, Artist and Musician, the USA


When I think of being in one of Juliana’s classes I smile. Her spirit is strong and her manner is gentle. She projects a reverence for all living beings that can’t help but open the heart. I left her influence feeling a greater connection with the universe and my place within, then before our meeting.  She is thoughtful, joyful, sensitive and sincere. I do not hesitate to wholeheartedly endorse her. 

Cindy Bryson, Retired and Spiritual Seeker, Canada

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Juliana Bizare

a path with heart
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