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mindfulness: yoga & meditation

Healing is very personal to each of us. For me Yoga and meditation are a wise response to life as it is and to the crisis we are facing in the world right now. We explore the Mind-Body connection, so we can embody these practices, meaning a shift from intelectual understanding into action in life. 

Developing a daily practice that suits your needs is essential nowadays, and you might feel you need support on that. We can work with these two disciplines as a single practice, emphasizing the spiritual side of yoga, bringing a larger context to engage asana practice.    


Through Mindfulness Practices, we can learn about emotional self regulation; how to cultivate an embodied loving presence; gain insight into the mechanisms of the mind and how they shape our world; and learn how to cultivate attitudes that can make us more emphatic, more curious, more loving and true towards ourselves and others. 

I offer on line private classes on demand, and soon open classes through Zoom. 


I feel grateful and honoured to be in service of your growth, in a way that is fair, sustainable, joyful, honest and peaceful for all. 


Juliana Bizare

a path with heart
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