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Integration & Sharing Circle

A compassionate space to ask deeper questions


Facilitated in partnership with Ute -


The spiritual path doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Most of the wounds and unhealthy patterns we are dealing with right now, came about in relationships.


So our intention with this circle is to meet in a safe space, where we can all be authentic and share vulnerably. This way our struggles and our pure essence can be reflected back to us in a compassionate way.


You will be guided by Juliana and Ute, who have been doing their own inner work for many years. Both have a lot of experience in facilitating and supporting others in their own processes.


There is also the possibility to be guided by one of us, into a more profound inquiry and processing work. Only if you feel open and curious to dive deeper into your experience. You are the one who can decide that in the present moment.


Sharing circles are being held for centuries as a sacred place to come together. Feeling heard, feeling felt and witness each other in togetherness is a powerful medicine.

We invite you into this journey of integration.

Our approach to integration:

  • Bringing any new insights, experience and realisation into our daily life: moving from simply understanding intellectually to conscious action.

  • Integration also means connecting different aspects of our own experience. Linking together past, present and future. Dealing wisely with the paradoxes of our human life, like suffering and joy, light and shadow, setting boundaries and feeling open at the same time.  Bringing together intuition and cognitive thinking. 

  • When we integrate our shadows into awareness then the teachings can unfold and life is not guided unconsiously anymore.

Juliana Bizare

a path with heart
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