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Looking and inquiring into ourselves can be hard work, it may feel uncomfortable, confusing, even humiliating sometimes, but ultimately ecstatic and extremely necessary. What I have found most useful and onward leading in my own journey of self inquiry, has been the support of another person or a group of conscious people. 


Most of our traumas and insecurities happened not necessarily because of the event itself, but by the way it was dealt with or not dealt with. For this reason having someone to hold a safe space, so you can work through releasing and healing trauma can be extremely powerful. To feel safe in our bodies again, we all need to be witnessed in our pain and vulnerabilities, be reflected back in a healthy way and have the support necessary to find a new meaning to our stories.  


I offer one-on-one spiritual mentorship sessions, online and in person. Some of my areas of focus are trauma and how to integrate it into our lives; how to awaken self love through cultivating an embodied loving presence and therefore feeling safe in our bodies; the inquiry into limiting beliefs and their influence in our lives; self regulation through the purification and alignment of body-mind-heart-spirit; how to develop a healthy sense of connection and community, so we don’t feel we are doing this work alone. Through compassionate inquiry and the support of appropriate tools and practices we can go to the root cause of things and ask deeper into the subconscious, instead of just treating symptoms.   


It would be a delight and an honour to witness you in your process and offer guidance on your path of healing! 


Juliana Bizare

a path with heart
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