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5 Saturdays: 26th of june; 03rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of July

9 to 10:30am PST 

5 to  6:30pm UTC   


Investment: The course comprises 5 classes in total. The first Class is free, try it out to see if the work resonates with you. If you feel like continuing the journey with us, the other 4 meetings are offered for $90. Nobody is turned away for lack of funds, let us know if you need a special discount.

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Mindfulness I Voice I Authenticity

A Journey through the Body

Mindfulness . Voice . Authenticity

A Journey through the Body

 - In collaboration with the beautiful Maria Aliss - 


Do you want to listen more deeply to your authentic voice and self? Are you longing for more connection and inner freedom? Are you curious to know how your voice can lead you to a profound inner silence? 


Maria and Juliana are bringing together their personal practices of decades of mindfulness and authentic voice. They have both supported hundreds of people from different backgrounds  to feel safe and comfortable in their own bodies and expression. The main objective with this course is to cultivate a true and honest connection with ourselves experiencing a deep integration through the body and the voice. 


This connection can open space for you to discover the sense of freedom of just being, instead of having a sense of yourself only - or primarily - through the mind. We work with you to find the powerful space that holds everything in awareness, both in movement, stillness and through voice. We will help you become aware of when your voice is coming from a deep place inside yourself - and also be alert to when it is not.   


There are infinite ways to explore the connection with our bodies and voice. We will be working with a different focus every class, including: Listening, Grounding, Centering, Expansion and finally Integration. We will bring awareness to the inner resources and potential that is already within you, and explore ways to integrate all of it into our experience and life in general. 


One of the strengths of this course is the individual journey of each one of us, intertwined with the power of the group. Cultivating a more embodied presence and integrating it with the voice can lead you to a state of freedom and expansion. We see that bringing Mindfulness to the Body and Voice is one of the most powerful ways to do this.

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Maria Aliss

My main goal is to support people in their process of finding inner freedom, and a true and continuous recognition of who we truly are. Using our gift of voice has become one of my favorite tools to do this, using sound to find a deeper connection with ourselves and an honest expression of our bonds with the life inside and around us. I combine this with techniques from multiple disciplines I’ve studied and worked with over the years, bringing an integrative approach which draws from a vast array of disciplines including  the Feldenkrais Method, Rhythmic Training, Artistic Corporal Education, Somatic Integration, Yoga, Meditation Through Rhythm, Singing and Circular Music, among others. 

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Juliana Bizare

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